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Colony - A Great Gateway Game for Builders


The Earth is mostly in ruins, and humanity has been nearly wiped out after a nanopocalypse. Eighty years have passed, and it's now up to you to rebuild civilization in a grim new world.

You'll be competing with up to three other players to build a strong colony. As you construct buildings and harvest resources, you may also hire mercenaries to thwart the goals of your opponents. If you wish, you may also play this by yourself to achieve the best score possible.

The mechanic is heavy on the dice. There are solid dice representing stable resources, and frosted dice representing unstable resources (very nice touch). As you build up, you modify your dice rolls - allowing you to progress deeper. It's actually pretty fun! Colony tries very hard to minimize 'bad luck' when you roll by allowing you control.

It’s a decent gateway game for the building genre.

The setup of Colony also allows for replayablity. As you only take out a random number of cards (not all) for every game. You may also download the optional app from the Apple App Store, or on Google Play to help you with this process.

Colony is a solid game that deserves your attention. Especially, if you're new to this genre. You may check out and pickup this board game from us at Battle Bunker.

  • Use dice as resources to purchase buildings (cards) to expand your colony
  • Each game uses only 7 kinds of cards of the 28 available, for incredible variability each game
  • Free iOS/Android customizable setup app
  • Strategic and fun engine-building with multiple paths to victory
  • 1-4 players, Ages 13 and up