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Pokemon: TCG Sun & Moon Series Released Today!

New on the shelves!

Releasing today is the latest "Sun & Moon" expansion for the Pokemon: Trading Card Game. From the tropical Alola region, you'll find 40 never seen before Pokemons, including 11 new Pokemon GX cards. This expansion contains over 140 new cards! Oh, and check out the on-going promotion below.

We've been getting asked almost every day about this release. Naturally, we couldn't sell it before the launch date, but boy oh boy were we excited to put it up today :D

Time to get cracking!

WOOT! An Ultra Ball secret rare!


  • Redeem a FREE Pokemon Game Code with every purchase of S$30.00 on our Pokemon TCG products. 

  • Game Code applies ONLY for Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire or Pokemon X/Y software.

  • Promotion ends 27th Feb 2017. While stocks last.