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Getting Started in Miniature Building & Painting


Miniature painting looks tedious and hard, but that's far from the truth. With the understanding of the process and techniques, you can get stunning results (really!). High-grade Citadel paints coat and dry beautifully - you just need to know the steps to apply (base, layer, wash), and how to apply (ie. thinning paints).

A great miniature painter is Sorastro. He produces high quality videos that's easy for beginners to follow. In this video, he's showing us how to build and paint a 'Games Workshop Build+Paint Space Marine Bike Attack'. Inside this kit is everything you'll need to get started.

Have a look at the newbie job I did for my first miniature. Then take a look at my much improved second miniature:

My first miniature - no brush control, thick application of paints.

My second miniature - better control overall, and understanding. I still need more practice with the highlighting.

Just take your time and enjoy the hobby. If you need guidance or help, please approach our friendly team at the store.