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Munchkin Wonderland - Ages 6 and Up


Munchkin Wonderland is the latest instalment to the extremely successful Munchkin brand by Steve Jackson Games.  Wonderland aims at young gamers who may get overwhelmed by the amount of text and mechanics a standard Munchkin game can be.

It's really simple. There are only four-steps in a Wonderland game:

The game works as a non-linear "Snakes & Ladder" - meaning you can move any direction you wish every time you roll the dice.

You then enter a monster room, let's say it's the "White Queen" with a difficulty of 5. You then take a random monster card, and it reads "+2". Thus, to defeat the White Queen, you need to pass a difficulty of 7 (5+2) by rolling dice and using treasures.

This is great for kids because it teaches them to:

  1. Assess risk - am I able to defeat this monster?
  2. vs reward - using 5 gold worth of treasures to gain 2 gold (nett loss 3 gold) isn't worth it.
  3. Friends help me pull through - in the game you can call friends (cards) or other players to help.
  4. Basic math skills (addition and subtraction).
  5. Have fun!

When you're free, do check this game out!